Douglas Gosse, Director of NORCCREA, and Associate Professor: men's studies, masculinities, queer theory, arts-based educational research (ABER), diversity, identity, male teachers, teacher expectations.

Liz Ashworth

Elizabeth Ashworth, Assistant Professor: visual arts confidence issues among pre-service and in-service elementary teachers, graphic design strategies to improve learning, arts-based educational research (ABER), a/r/tography, creativity and learning.


Adam Adler, Assistant Professor: male gender issues in music and education, boys' participation in singing, choral music and conducting, music communities, teacher preparation and certification, music curriculum and policy.


Roger Bernades, Assistant Professor: physical education and masculinities, fatness studies, teacher development, cross-cultural and comparative education.


Glenda Black, Assistant Professor: educational leadership, curriculum development, technology in the classroom, and Northern Ontario issues in education.


Kathy Mantas, Assistant Professor:Kathy's research interests include: ongoing teacher development and transitions, adult education, arts education, (co)creative processes, artful and creative methods of inquiry (creative research design), arts-based teaching and learning approaches, creativity and learning in teachers, and women’s issues.


Katarin MacLeod, Assistant Professor: science, technology, society and environment (STSE) education and research, creativity in science education, and community based science and mathematics.


John Vitale, Assistant Professor : music education advocacy and politicization, alternative pedagogies in the music classroom, music and moving images, music exposure via technology.




Brendan Dillon, B.A. (Hon.), (cand.): military history and tactics, contemporary literature, creative writing


Margaret McTaggert, M.Ed. (cand.): women in education, disability and education, special education, arts-based educational research (ABER) and creativity.


Liam McAlear, M.Ed. (cand.): educational leadership, Literacy and ESL, Irish political and military history.


Jillian Murphy, M.Ed. (cand.): educational leadership, student achievement in relation to involvement in school, and the transition from elementary school to high school.


Raelene Ward, M.Ed. (cand.): declining numbers of male teachers, fears of being falsely accused of misconduct


Elizabeth Ward-McCarthy, BA Lib Arts, BEd (cand.) social and gender equality in education, drama and arts based learning, special education, success in literacy for boys in the classroom