Carabou on the Tundra Native American Drum The Northern Lights


At the Northern Canadian Centre for Research in Education & the Arts (NORCCREA), we embrace the arts (creative writing, storytelling, music, dance, collage, poetry, painting, performance arts, sculpture, drama, etc.) to better understand society and ourselves. We challenge status quo assumptions regarding research, education, and social norms, beliefs and customs.

We approach research and education with daring and enthusiasm to reflexively explore new ways of knowing, knowledge, and understanding. We embrace subjectivity and artistic forms of inquiry and expression.

(1) to develop daring arts-inspired research

(2) to engage in anti-oppressive education for minorities

(3) to inquire into & celebrate diversity in research and society

(4) to actively engage undergraduate & graduate student participation in NORCCREA, and

(5) to create bridges between the academy and the larger public

Centre Activities: we will promote seminars, colloquia, workshops, fairs and conferences of students, faculty, educators, artists, artist-researchers and community members who share our vision & will help build a dynamic community of learners