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The Arts Based Educational Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) provides a community for those who view education through artistic lens, who use a variety of arts-based methodologies, and who communicate through diverse genres: tabid/10041/Default.aspx

The Centre for Arts-informed Research (CAIR) was established in April 2000. The Centre's mission is to articulate, explore, and support alternative forms of qualitative research and representation which infuse elements, processes, and forms of the arts into scholarly work: airchome3.html

The Center for Learning through the Arts, established at the University of California, Irvine in November of 2001, builds on the expertise and combined knowledge of faculty in the Arts disciplines, Education, Social Ecology, and Medicine to study the nexus of relationships between arts education, aspects of cognitive and social development, and public policy information. The center fosters interdisciplinary studies that involve appropriate faculty from a range of disciplines. /

Historica will carry out its mission by encouraging the best possible Canadian history education and by providing or supporting programs and resources that inspire Canadians to explore their history. In carrying out its mission, Historica is committed to working in all provinces and territories, in both French and English, and with organizations and individuals of all origins. do?page=.index

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